Ship Design Services
Due to the latest 3D modeling software with built-in all engineering rules has been introduced to our design system, ZhouTao provides the fastest, most productive, potential and advanced design solution to both ship owners and shipyards. We committed our prior customized solution to suit clients' requirements.

Ship types of Design & Case studies:
Products Tanker, Chemicals Tanker, Bulk Carrier, Container, Multi-Purpose Vessel, Asphalt vessel, Dredger and platform supply vessel etc. Besides, Zhoutao is still carry on the development of new ship type design.

Our advanced solution offered:
  • Long-term, Solid and professional design experience of ships construction & conversion ;
  • Ship design talents graduated from top-brand marine universities of china and professional ship engineers and design experts;
  • Continuously introducing new design technologies and developing exsiting design skills;
  • Latest cutting edge technology software tools and highly effective management flow of ship design;
  • Well defined initial design and accurate basic design;
  • Specialized ship market investigation and optimized ship design plan;
  • Implementing an iterative ship design process to improve productivity, quality, and reliability;
  • Good coordination among ship owner,shipyard and classification society;

chemical tanker
Chemicals / Products Tanker
MPP / Container Vessel
platform supply vessle
Platform Supply Vessel
bulk carrier
Bulk Carrier
Asphalt Vessel
Drag-Suction Dredger

Consultancy Services
ZhouTao provides a comprehensive range of professional marine consultancy service to all clients who intend to engage, or have already engaged in a newbuilding contract with a shipyard.
  • Ship plan repair: When ship certification is expired, ship has to be maintained in a shipyard. Our company could help you sort it out. First of all, we help you choose a qualified shipyard, confirm the project, calculate total costs and arrange the maintenance date; Secondly, we provide on-site supervision of whole repairing process; Finally, we help you deal with future repair and other remaining issues.
  • Ship voyage repair: For any mechanical failures that can not be solved whilst the ship is in transit, or problems that must be repaired at the terminal were encountered during PSC inspection, our company could help you fix all these issues at the port.
  • Ship Construction Supervision: During the ship construction phase, ZT offers a competent project management to ensure the most cost effective and optimal use of design parameters with respect to performance and legislative requirements, accompanlishing with a firm relationship with the domestic shipyards, Class and Statutory Authorities.
  • Ship equipments supply: offer an extensive range of ship needed spare parts。Mainly supplying power set and renovated marine engine spare parts (e.g. cylinder, piston, crank, anchor and anchor chain).
  • Ship material supply: Provide lashing materials and provision stores for all vessels.
  • Technical evaluation: Carry out the audit assessment of ship construction project, technical assessment of shipyards and ship technical condition assessment etc.
  • Technical performance: Arrange model testing.
  • Technical detection: Specified analysis technical skills of the main engine working status is adopted to improve diesel engines power.
  • Crew recruitment: Recruit professional qualified and experienced crew to achieve all requirements of ship-owners.

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